The Steps to Safe Asbestos Roof Replacement

Posted on: 29 January 2018


Do you still have your asbestos garage roof? Don't worry for you are not alone. Today, many homes in Australia have asbestos roofing. Besides the roof's ability to resist fire, heat and electrical damage, asbestos is also affordable, flexible and with high tensile strength. All these properties are what saw its increased popularity and use in construction projects during previous years.

Despite all these apparent benefits though, asbestos poses grave health threats. In fact, these risks are so severe that the Australian Government recognised asbestos as hazardous in 2001. Ever since, there has been a rigorous drive to encourage safety when handling the product. As a safety measure, only licensed contractors can carry out asbestos roof removal in Australia.

Replacing your asbestos roof will be possible only after successful and complete asbestos removal. Again, a qualified roofing service will be essential to ensure the success of the project. Asbestos roof replacement will involve:

Structure Assessment

The roofing contractor will check to see whether the roofing structure has undergone any severe damage and if such damage can be repaired. Such an assessment will help the contractor determine the type of roofing material to replace the asbestos.

Safety Equipment Installation

Before the new roof can be installed, the contractor will first install guard rails as a safety measure. This is especially so for roof installation jobs that pose a high risk.

Installation of the New Roof  

There are many options to choose from for new roofing. These options include metals or tiles. A professional roofing service will discuss with you the variety of options available to you and only install the roofing type you prefer.

Reinstallation of House Components

The roof is home to some house features including solar panels, aerials and hot water units. As they would need to come down during an asbestos roof removal, this is the stage where to reinstall them.

The Final Clean up

A professional roofing service will help you dispose of the removed asbestos. However, once replacement work is complete, the new roof also needs a thorough cleaning. It helps remove any remaining fragments, debris, dirt and dust from the installation works.

The Roof Replacement Costs

Asbestos roof replacement costs vary significantly between roofing services. Additionally, the more complex the job is, the more you should expect to pay. The height, size and pitch of your roof are all additional factors that will determine the overall replacement cost.

Despite the cost outlay, replacing your asbestos roof is a sound investment. It will provide you with a safer environment for your whole family. Additionally, it will drive up the value of your house.