Trends In Colorbond Roofing

Posted on: 12 April 2022


The Australian weather can be harsh. It's important to ensure that you're keeping your home cool during the warmer months, and that means looking at the roofing materials on your home.

Colorbond roofing is a popular choice for Australian homes because it is reflective and helps prevent heat from penetrating into the house. It comes in a range of different colours and provides a stronger roof than conventional roofing materials.

New trends in Colorbond roofing are being seen this year, including:

1. Colorbond Roofing In Darker Colours

Because Colorbond is designed to reflect heat, it traditionally came in lighter colours like white. Today, it comes in a range of colours in darker hues as well as lighter shades, so that homeowners can choose the colour that works for their home without worrying about sacrificing its energy efficiency.

2. Colorbond Roofing On Curved Roofs

Curved roofs are becoming more popular because they add aesthetic appeal to a home while also helping to prevent heat from passing through the metal and into the house.

3. Colorbond Roofing With Energy efficiency

In addition to reflecting heat away from homes, Colorbond is now available with insulation. This helps improve energy efficiency even further by preventing heat from escaping during the winter months when it could be useful warmth for your home.

4. Colorbond Roofing With Modern Flat Panels

Modern flat panel roofing is a great option for giving your home a stylish makeover. The look is sleek and very contemporary. Colorbond steel flat panels are designed for easy installation, so you can have the new look without spending a fortune on labour costs.

Flat-panel roofing looks particularly good on homes with high-pitched roofs. However, they can be used on most domestic buildings, including garages, carports, and barns.

5. Textured Steel Colorbond Roofing 

Texture adds depth to a roof and gives it a more finished look. The process for making textured Colorbond roofs is very similar to that of making traditional roofs. The only difference is that a textured pattern is added at the very end of the manufacturing process. Rather than being just plain steel, the sheets are embossed with various textures. These sheets are then coated with paint before being shipped to the site where they will be installed.

Colorbond roofing offers long-lasting durability and beautiful, modern good looks, and can be designed to suit current trends. For more information on Colorbond roofing, turn to a company such as Horizonline Roof Restorations.