Why Fibre Cement Is Taking the Roofing Industry by Storm

Posted on: 18 September 2018


When Australian homeowners are deliberating on a new roof, be it for a custom home build or roofing replacement, they will typically consider the traditional supplies available in the market. While concrete, metal and even asphalt are viable options, you may want to consider fibre cement for your next roofing project. Previously a staple material for exterior cladding, fibre cement has steadily made its way into the roofing industry. And with the myriad of benefits that it offers, it is unsurprising that fibre cement is becoming the choice option for homeowners too. The following piece explores a few of the reasons why fibre cement is taking the roofing industry by storm.

Fibre cement roofing has a protracted life span

Inarguably one of the most vital considerations to have when selecting roofing supplies is the longevity that they will provide your residence with. Fibre cement happens to be one of the most durable materials that you can opt for since it has an extended shelf life. Unlike other types of roofing supplies that will become vulnerable to sagging or cupping with time, fibre cement will retain its form for years to come. Moreover, fibre cement roofing typically comes with a warranty that is valid for several decades, so you do not have to worry about roof replacement for the long term.

Fibre cement roofing has weather-resistant properties

Although Australia experiences moderate climatic conditions for most of the years, there are times when the weather can become exceedingly unbearable. From inclement weather patterns to scorching heat, you need to source for roofing supplies that will be capable of withstanding the erratic changes. Fibre cement is one of the materials that is innately capable of doing so. No matter what part of Australia you reside in, the compounds that make up the fibre cement are resistant to both high salt content as well as moisture. Subsequently, the roofing will also be resistant to mould too. As a bonus, fibre cement is also pest resistant since insects will not want to eat through the roofing.

Fibre cement roofing is easy to handle

Some people may compare the properties of fibre cement to other favourite roofing supplies, such as clay or concrete, and think that they are innately the same. However, while fibre cement roofing may appear to have a similar constitution as these materials, it has one stark advantage over them in that it is much lighter than both clay and concrete. Hence, the installation of fibre cement roofing is much easier as compared to its clay and concrete counterparts are. Additionally, you do not have to reinforce your structure when you elect to have fibre cement roofing installed.