4 Major Types of Verandahs That Will Increase Your Property Value

Posted on: 27 November 2019


There is no better way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home than installing a verandah. You can enjoy using the verandah now and reap more benefits when you sell your property. Verandahs will boost the appeal of the exterior space, and create a space for outdoor entertainment such as barbeque parties. They will also complement the style of your house, especially if it has the same shade and style of your house. Here are the four types of verandahs that you should consider installing.


A verandah that sports a curved roof will offer a more sophisticated and stylish appeal than other straightforward types. This type of verandah is ideal if you have a lot of space since it breaks up the continual roof to create a point of focus. Additionally, curved roofs will shelter you from sunlight and elegantly open up the space.


A gabled verandah is an ideal option if you have a pitched roof.  The gable-roofed verandahs sport a simple design that is affordable and easy to install. The gable-roofed verandah may also enable more space underneath than other verandah designs. What's more, they allow more ventilation, and their steep pitch reduces leaks and enables adequate water drainage.  A gabled verandah is the perfect shape for fans and lighting, which can be vital for outdoor entertaining.


If you need more light on the verandahs, then sunroof verandahs are an excellent option. They consist of a transparent material that allows natural light to pass through and light up your outdoor space. These roofs can withstand adverse weather, and the Louvre option for the verandah can boost air circulation in the verandah. The Louvre design also involves controlling the sun, rain or shade.


An insulated verandah is ideal if you want to spend more time outdoors during the cold seasons. These verandahs feature an insulated roof that keeps the outdoor space warm and protected. They will also give an elegant and contemporary appearance to your home, which improves your property value. This verandah design additionally allows you to add heaters, lights and fans for extra comfort when spending your time outdoors during winter.

You can make your selection from these types of outdoor extensions; however, you should consider the right roof for the verandah. The roofing design of the verandah should complement your house style. Matching the verandah roof with the existing features of your home will improve its aesthetic appeal and property value.