4 Signs That It's Time for a Roof Replacement

Posted on: 27 August 2020


It's funny that the only time most people think of their roof is during its installation and in case it's damaged and needs replacement. Your roof is the barrier that protects you and your property against the harsh elements. It keeps intruders out, too. If you chose a great roofer in the first place, your roof should serve you for a long time. However, even the best roofs don't last forever. If it starts to show signs of extreme damage, a roof repair could only take you so far. Continue reading for 4 signs that its time for a roof replacement. 

Check the Interior 

If your roof is damaged, the first signs will be inside your house. Get a flashlight and go into your attic and inspect the roof and the situation in there. If there are beams of light coming from the roof yet you don't have a skylight, it's definitely time to replace your roof. If the roof allows light, then you may be sure that it also allows moisture.

Check the Paper Trail

You should always keep your roof repairs and replacement records. Such records inform you of when the roof was installed, the date and specifics of roof repairs and the nature of the damages repaired. With this information, you and your roofer get insight on when the roof was installed and how much of its lifespan is left. If the current roof damage is localized to an area that was previously repaired, this could be a sign that the roof it already too compromised for another repair and it is indeed, time for a roof replacement. 

Check the Roof Shingles

Buckling or curled shingles are among the most obvious signs that your roof needs replacement. Shingles curl as a result of excessive heating, moisture and ageing. Also, if your roof was poorly installed, it could also result in curling and buckling of shingles. If you have curled or buckled shingles, you need to replace them as soon as possible, this is because their rigidness makes them prone to breaking or cracking due to their rigidness. They are also vulnerable to ice damage and strong winds. 

Broken or missing shingles are another sign that you have trouble on your roof. They're generally a result of extensive wind damage. They can also indicate snow damage, rain damage or leakage. 

Check for a Sagging Roof

Long-term water damage causes a sagging roof. It could also be a result of holding too much snow or ice. If your roof is sagging, your roof definitely needs to be replaced.

If your roof needs repair, remember to choose an experienced roofer to undertake the replacement. A roof that's properly installed has a long lifespan. 

For more information, reach out to a local roof replacement service.