Understanding Re-Roofing

Posted on: 23 October 2020


Re-roofing is the act of installing a roof on top of an existing roof. This is usually done because it is cheaper and quicker than tearing off the old roof.

Tear-offs/roof replacements are achieved when your existing roof is removed and replaced with a new roof.

Here's what you need to know about re-roofing:

Benefits/Advantages of Re-Roofing

As indicated above, the main reason you would consider re-roofing is how cheap and quick it is when compared to roof replacement. You end up saving your hard-earned money and time.

Cons of Re-roofing

The cons of re-roofing occur when it is not done correctly. What does this mean?

Before re-roofing is done, a thorough and in-depth roof inspection is required. It ensures that there is not severe damage under your old roof, like timber rot. It also ensures that your roofing needs won't be compromised by re-roofing. An example of a roofing need that can be affected by re-roofing is insulation.

If your roof timber trusses have started to rot, they need to be replaced. Re-roofing on top of rotting timber is not only wrong, but it will add weight to the rotting timber and cause your roof to collapse. This can lead to injury or even property damage, incurring the high repair costs you were avoiding.

This tells you that re-roofing is not always the right course of action; sometimes, it is better to pay the higher roof replacement costs.   There is also a limit on the number of times that you can re-roof; for example, you might find that in some localities, you are prohibited from adding a third layer of shingle roofing.

How Is the Cost of Re-Roofing Calculated?

The first cost you might incur is the inspection fee. As indicated above, inspection aims at identifying how much damage your roof has and determining whether re-roofing is the best option for you.

The second cost you may incur is the cost of the roofing materials needed for re-roofing.

The last cost you will incur is the cost of labour. It is controlled by factors like the size and slope of your roof and the number of storeys your house has.

Important Things To Keep in Mind

Re-roofing is not as durable as roof replacement, but it is a suitable solution for when you are on a tight budget. A roofing inspector also has to give the go-ahead.

You can re-roof some sections of your roof and replace others if you want to save your hard-earned money.